Piolo Family Dismayed at Possible Trial Delay as 1 Year Death Anniv. Passes


A tribute ride was held for Sgt. Elbert Piolo this morning.

Guam – The family of slain police officer Sgt. Elbert Piolo is speaking out over another potential delay the defense indicated they would be seeking. Meanwhile, today marks the first year anniversary of Piolo’s death. A memorial ride was held for him.


It’s been exactly a year since Police Officer Sgt. Elbert Piolo was killed. Trial for the man accused of murdering him, former Police Officer Mark Torre Jr., has already been delayed to October but Torre’s defense attorney, Jay Arriola, says he intends to seek a continuance of trial. Piolo’s brother, Edison Piolo says they are disappointed with the news.

“No matter how long this thing goes, how long they’re gonna make excuses, prolong it like that, we’re not gonna back down, we’re gonna keep on fighting,” says Edison Piolo.


Edison, family, friends and fellow Harley riders held a tribute ride this morning in honor of Sgt. Piolo’s one year death anniversary.

They started at Santa Barbara Church in Dededo, stopping at several police precincts and at Adelup before making their way to Our Lady of Peace memorial park, Sgt. Piolo’s final resting place.

Edison Piolo describes what the last year has been like.

“As for us, we’re hurting. Especially the kids when they see the dad’s truck. It really breaks [our hearts], especially Jaden (Sgt. Piolo’s eldest son),” he notes. “It’s heartbreaking because Zai Zai (Sgt. Piolo’s youngest son)  calls me daddy and Zai Zai needs his dad. The wife, my sister in law and the kids. Who’s gonna take them to soccer practice?”


With a year gone by and still no resolution to the case, Edison Piolo says, “It’s like we’re just reliving it again especially when we got his truck back. It hit us a lot.”


Torre has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, aggravated assault and manslaughter. Based on reports by defense experts, Torre may be using a number of defense strategies.

Just some of the possible strategies that have already been disclosed include self-defense, alcohol-induced blackout or post-traumatic stress disorder, to name a few.

Torre, according to the prosecution, shot Sgt. Piolo in a drunken rage as Piolo dropped Torre home after a night out. Piolo managed to call 911 and even identify his alleged killer. However, he passed away a few hours later at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

A one year anniversary rosary is being held tonight at 7 pm at the Piolo residence in Dededo.

The next hearing for Torre is August 15 at 9 am.





  1. Here we go again with the defense playing the stalling game. It’s really simple. Give Torre a lie detector test (if one hasn’t been administered) and see how he does. We have a dead police officer whose family has yet to receive justice. I actually don’t blame Piolo’s family for taking to the streets to remind people of this. I’d do the same if it were a family member and I felt that this Torre character had any chance of making up a silly defense like PTSD and possibly getting away with nurder. The trial judge has mishandled this case from the beginning. First there was the lowering of bail from 1/2 a million dollars to a much smaller amount and then accepting land in return for bail. Then there was the granting of Torre’s father to return tot he same house his murdering son lives in. I wonder what wonderful stories the two of them have cooked up since Bordallo aIllowed this. I have a very bad feeling about this case and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that this murderer may actually escape justice. As for Torre’s list of of possible excuses for murdering Piolo, they include self-defense, alcohol-induced blackout or post-traumatic stress disorder. What a load of bunk! I’m thinking the only person who believes it is the defendant. The public isn’t fooled. It’s time to man up Mark Torre

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