Piolo Family Expresses Disappointment With Judge’s Decision


Judge Michael Bordallo last week issued a decision lifting a stay away order in the Torre murder case.

Guam – Fallen Police Officer Sgt. Elbert Piolo’s brother, Edison, is using social media to spread his message of justice in light of a recent decision to lift a stay away order between former cop Mark Torre Jr and his father Lt. Mark Torre Sr.


Last week, just in time for Christmas, Judge Michael Bordallo ruled on a motion to modify bail conditions.

Torre Jr, who’s accused of shooting to death veteran police officer Bert Piolo, is on house arrest at his Yigo residence where the alleged murder took place in July.

His father, considered a key witness, had been living elsewhere because of the stay away order, but Judge Bordallo lifted that stay away order.

The ruling was met with criticism, especially from the Piolo family. Edison Piolo posted several video messages on Facebook.

Yesterday, he took his brother’s Harley-Davidson out for the annual Harley-Davidson Bike Fest ride and posted this message, in part, on Facebook.

“My brother never misses every year a ride. He always rides with his friends, colleagues, coworkers, best friends, paris. Now he doesn’t get to ride anymore. So I’m riding his bike. That’s what happens when somebody takes your brother’s life away and that guy is just sitting at home with the dad, chilling, maybe planning something. Who knows. But this is us, the victim. We are the victims,” he stated in his message.

You can view the entire message on our PNC Facebook page.

Meanwhile, jury selection and trial for Torre Jr. is tentatively set for February 8, 2016 at 1 pm.




  1. The judge first reduces the bail from $500,000 to $160,000 and accepts land as collateral. Second, he modifies the bail agreement and allows the killer’s father to come home. The same home that the killer is staying in. Does Judge Bordallo think that these two aren’t going to discuss this case and plot a strategy to get away with murder? As much as I despise the killer, it pales in comparison for the way Judge Bordallo is handling this case. What’s next? Innocent due to mental defect? When Judge Bordallo’s tenure comes up in the election, I urge people to vote NO. He has tainted this noble position with his questionable decisions. He no longer can be viewed as being non biased. He might as well call the killer and give him tips on how to beat this wrap.

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