Piolo family sues Mark Torre Jr. for wrongful death

Mark Torre Jr. (PNC file photo)

The lawsuit follows an unsuccessful attempt to collect $1.8 million in restitution during Torre’s criminal trial.

Guam – Mark Torre Jr., the former police officer convicted in the death of fellow GPD Officer Elbert Piolo could end up paying a lot more than the restitution ordered in his criminal case, as the Piolo family is now taking their fight to civil court.

It was a devastating blow to the Piolos when Torre appeared to get off the hook in paying restitution.  Instead of granting the $1 million the family had sough, Judge Michael Bordallo ordered that Torre only pay $4,960. But that was not the end of it for Torre, as Judge Bordallo himself suggested the Piolo family could seek compensation through a civil claim. With this recent court filing, it appears the Piolo family is following that advice.

It’s unclear at this point however, exactly how much the Piolo family is seeking in their civil claim. As you may recall, the $1.8 million the family requested in restitution, was later reduced to $987,000, but according to Judge Bordallo that compensation could not be ordered in trial court, noting that there is nothing in Guam law that defines how a trial court can decide on economic damages involving a criminal matter.

The calculation utilized in the damages sought is an estimate of Bert Piolo’s base pay—and does not factor in the salary he was earning as executive security for the Lt. Governor, or his second and third incomes as a business owner and musician.

The next hearing is set for January 10.

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