PIU Hosts 4th Annual Ministry Equipping Conference


Guam (Friday, Oct. 25) – Pacific Islands University, a US accredited institution located in Mangilao, held it’s 4th annual Ministry Equipping Conference this past weekend at the Palmridge Inn. Over 50 community members, staff, and students attended the event.

This year’s event, Ministry in Context, aimed to equip local ministry leaders to share their message “in context”. Conference participants were given an overview of how different contexts, for example, historical, literary, and linguistic, affect one’s understanding and interpretation of Scripture or any piece of literature. They were also given time to discuss how these contextual issues impact their day to day ministry efforts.

Dr. Alphaeus Zobule, keynote speaker and president of Islands Bible Ministries of the Solomon Islands, shared how to successfully convey Scripture’s message into the specific context of ministry. He, along with three PIU instructors and a local linguist, answered attendees question during a Q&A time to wrap up the event.  

[Dr. Alphaeus Zobule, Keynote speaker.]

Those who attended expressed appreciation for the content, “good topics and relevant to the local community” and the speakers, “great speaker”, “it was helpful to listen to the speakers”.  

[Seminary Dean, Mr. Michael Owen, with conference attendees who flew in from Palau to attend the Conference.]