Plot thickens? House where body of ex-mayor was found burns down; questions linger


The plot may have thickened.

Only days after the body of former Umatac mayor Daniel Sanchez was found, the house where his body was found has burned down.

The wood and tin structure is owned by Rudy Fegurgur Quinata, who, along with his girlfriend Joyner Scott Sked, are the suspects in the ex-mayor’s murder.

The house is located on Jose A. Quinata Street in Umatac and the Guam Fire Department reported the house burning at 11:38 pm Wednesday night.

The GFD units arrived on the scene at 11:41 pm and reported that the structure was fully engulfed by flames. GFD placed the fire under control just before midnight.

According to GFD, it was the residents of the area who called in and reported the fire which is now being investigated by both GFD and the Guam Police Department.

GFD spokesperson Cherika Chargualaf informed PNC that the cause of the fire still has to be determined and they cannot say whether the fire was started deliberately or not.

Still, there are a few questions lingering about the fire.

One is how the fire could have started accidentally if the house was closed and no one was occupying it.

In addition, the neighbors who called in the fire stated that no noise, sparks, or explosion alerted them to the fire which was already in progress when GFD was called.

GPD is also still investigating why the body of Sanchez was found in a place that was not his home.