Pohnpei Falls To Carpet Masters 2-0


Guam- The Pohnpei men’s soccer team have been on the island playing exhibition matches against some of Guam’s men’s teams. So far the team has lost 3-2 to Rovers FC and then defeated Crushers FC 7-1. Last night the Pohnpeians fell to Carpet Masters 2-0 but it wasn’t a devastating loss.

The Pohnpei team racked up the count for shots on goal but most of the shots were from long range and that far out, it’s harder to aim with no shots finding its mark. Pohnpei had one more game today against the Guam’s under 18 national team. Pohnpei’s men’s soccer team has been on the island for the past four days for friendly competition. Pohnpei’s soccer program was relaunched July last year and the team has been training for a little over six months.