Pohnpei Glad For The Opportunity


Guam-  The Pohnpei team lost their last match of their visit. Yesterday the Guam U-18 National Team defeated Pohnpei 3-0. Nick Roberto scored 2 goals while TJ Atalig helped out with one.

Pohnpei’s athleticism is definitely not in question. The men in blue played up to speed with the rest of the Guam guys. What the team lacks is experience, which was really the main point of this trip. The Pohnpei soccer program has a bright future with very worthwhile goals.

“For us this is an enormous opportunity… these players have only been playing for 15 months and they’ve all come up phenomenally and I’m very proud of them all,” said head coach Paul Watson. Watson went on to say that it wold be nice if the team had the facilities like Guam and more opportunities for competition.  The team hopes to complete in the region’s olympic style events.