Police Brutality Alleged by Minor Involved in Fight at Hemlani Apartments Where Cop Was Hurt


The minor also alleges that an officer threatened to run him over and shoot him if he saw him out on the streets. 

Guam – One of the minors who was arrested for the fight at the Hemlani apartments which resulted in a police officer being assaulted and hit with a chair is now alleging police brutality against himself and another minor.


The 15 year old boy also alleges that the officer who was injured threatened to shoot him if he saw him out on the streets. The minor spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. “I was drinking with my friends and I was playing with my other friend and he got up punch me and I hit him back. I got mad because I was already intoxicated then I started screaming then the cops came in,” said the minor. The boy admits that he was drinking when he got in a scuffle with his friend which resulted in the police being called in the first place. However, the boy claims he was not involved with the resulting assault on the police officer He claims that when the police arrived he complied with their commands. “He was assuming that I was resisting arrest but I wasn’t.”

The boy says the officer then became aggressive and slammed him to the ground. He says the officer who was on him then jumped off of him and ran towards the crowd to help his partner who had by that point been hit with the chair. “Then I got up. I picked up a stroller, I got dropped it back because the cop said to drop it then my friend told me to go home. I was walking down towards McDonald’s and then I sat down near the junkyard across the junkyard and I kind of fell asleep,” said the minor.

The 15 year old then says that he awoke to the feeling of being kicked in the head. “Later all I feel is cops kicking my head. They told me to get up. They said get the [expletive] up dirty Chuukese get up. Then I got up. I told them where are they taking me? And they just punched me but they don’t have rights. I’m only 15 years old.”

The boy admits he was intoxicated which is why he passed out near the junkyard but he’s adamant that the police officers kicked him in the head and that one punched him in the eye for no reason. “They were pushing me into the car, then I told them to stop pushing me, then out of nowhere a cop just punched my face,” said the boy. “Where did he hit you?” Asked PNC “My eye,” said the boy.

The boy says it was too dark and the officers had their lights on him so he couldn’t see any badge names or numbers. “I couldn’t see them,” said the boy. “So then what after the guy punched you then what?” asked PNC. The boy replied saying, “I told them what the [expletive]? Then the cop was like ‘What? Get in the car before I beat you up!’ So I got in, went down to the precinct.”

He says that while he was in a holding cell the police officer that was hit by the chair came from the hospital down to the precinct. “He came back from the hospital and he threatened me by saying if I see you on the road he’s gonna run me over shoot me,” said the minor.

The 15 year old boy says he isn’t the only minor who was beaten up by police. He claims that an in-law of his was also assaulted by police while in his home that same night. “He didn’t do anything,” said the boy. “Was he involved in any of the fighting?” asked PNC. “The crowd just blattered his name out but he didn’t do anything. He was just watching. They walked into his house without a search warrant and ummm they dragged him out of his door and they slammed his head to the icebox and then he came to the precinct with a bloody ear,” replied the minor. He adds that the other minor was brought down to the precinct while he was there and that’s how he saw that he had a bloody ear. The boy we spoke to claims that all of this happened to his in-law in front of his in-laws mom and his younger siblings.

I want to say that these cops need to stop what they’re doing they gotta stop hitting minors,” said the boy. He also told us that he ended up with bumps all over his head, a black eye and a swollen lip from the police.

The 15 year old admits that what he did by drinking with his friends and getting into a fight was wrong but he also believes the cops were wrong. “Because I didn’t touch the cop they touched me,” said the boy.

PNC contacted GPD PIO Capt Kim Santos for a comment. Capt Santos could only say that if indeed a person was assaulted by a police officer he or she has every right to file a criminal complaint with GPD or a complaint with internal affairs. The boy told us he had not filed any complaint yet because he did not no where to turn and he and his family is afraid of retaliation.