Police car collides with suspect after car chase

Guam Police Department (PNC File photo)

The Guam Police Department’s Highway Patrol Division is currently investigating an official vehicle crash that occurred on Thursday, October 7, 2021, at around 10:40 p.m., on Route 16 Army Drive by Route 10A in Harmon.

Preliminary reports suggest that officers assigned to the Tumon-Tamuning Precinct Command were attempting to effectuate a traffic stop on a black Scion which tried to elude police while on Route 16.

As the black Scion was traveling south on Route 16 towards the underpass, the Scion collided with another vehicle that was also traveling on the middle southbound lane.

The Scion continued motoring on the on-ramp towards Route 10A, as police officials continued with the pursuit.

As the Scion was motoring on the on-ramp, the male operator had exited the car from the
front passenger door, in which subsequently the pursuing patrol car collided with the male operator.

The man was immediately transported to Guam Regional Medical City for treatment and care.

This case investigation is ongoing.