Police investigate shooting inside of school bus involving BB gun

(PNC file photo)

Guam – Early this morning, at around 6:40 AM officers from GPD’s Southern Precinct Command responded to a possible shooting involving a Department of Public Works school bus. The bus was transporting students from Southern High School, when it was halted in transit on RT. 4 Malojloj. Students heard a loud pop while passing the San Isidro Catholic Church and informed the bus driver.

The bus operator conducted an assessment and discovered a crack in the windshield that was caused by an unknown projectile. Both GPD and GFD personnel responded and conducted assessments and provided medical attention. One student reportedly had anxiety issues and no other injuries were reported.

Sources from within the Department of Education also confirmed that a student had fired the shot from inside the school bus as it was in motion.

This case is ongoing as GPD’s Criminal Investigation Division has been activated to assume the investigation.