Police investigating Barrigada death

A GFD ambulance was seen removing the body of the individual from the apartment.

A man is dead and police are trying to get to the bottom of what occurred during an incident involving the Judiciary of Guam marshals who were executing a warrant at a Barrigada residence this morning.

Judiciary of Guam marshals arrived at an apartment complex on Kina Court in Barrigada early this morning to execute a warrant as part of the Guam Immediate Violation Enforcement or G.I.V.E program, according to Judiciary of Guam Spokesman Shawn Gumataotao.

While on the scene, a “noise” was reportedly heard by marshals from inside the apartment. Gumataotao says a male individual was found by marshals appearing to have been shot. He further indicated that the individual was the subject of the warrant.

Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao told PNC that they were called to assist the JOG marshals with an injured person report, further stating the GPD’s Criminal investigations Unit was activated to investigate the incident.

PNC was on the scene as CID officers made their way through the apartment questioning neighbors.

Barrigada Mayor June Blas arrived on the scene several hours after the incident, saying that her office is also trying to find out what happened.

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“We’re trying to get to the bottom of it, this area here has seen different tenants coming in and out. So the last tenant registered is a family, parent single, family, kids,” the mayor said.

Shortly before the mayor’s arrival, a GFD ambulance was seen removing the body of the individual from the apartment as a woman known to the man was seen visibly distraught.

The man’s identity is being withheld at this time as circumstances surrounding the death are under investigation.