As GPD and DOE Discuss Koban at JFK Campus, Won Pat Suggests Community Approach


Guam – A proposed police Koban at the corner of the new JFK Campus is causing controversy in the community.

As PNC first reported at the end of December, the Departmetn of Education has been discussing the possibility of athe Koban with the Department of Public Works, Guam Police Department and the International Bridge Corporation which won the bid for the construction of the new campus.

The Koban would provide the Guam Police Department a facility for officers to work on police reports while also providing visibility to the public says GPD Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia who said the idea first came up as part of a land swap deal with the Department of Education.

“We (GPD) owned a piece of property on the JFK Campus that they wanted to use for the construction of the new campus,” Balajadia explains.  He says the idea for the Koban is only in discussion and no paper work has been signed on the land swap either.

Senator Adolpho Palacios expressed concern about the Koban when the possibility was first mentioned in December.  He said that a police presence on the JFK Campus would cause other schools to ask for the same treatment.  Speaker Judi Won Pat agrees and told the Pacific News Center today that a Neighborhood Watch Program would be a better option for protecting the schools.  DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood talked with PNC yesterday about her to initiate a Neighborhood Watch Program for the schools.  Underwood said funding isn’t available to hire security or even security cameras so the community needs to pull together to keep the schools safe.