Police officer testifies in Jon Tuck rape trial

Jon Tuck (PNC graphic by Ricky De Guzman)

On Day 3 of the John Tuck trial, the police officer who interviewed the alleged rape victim was brought in as a witness for the defense.

Police officer Mary Jane Raval was called to the stand as a witness for former UFC fighter Jon Walter Cruz Tuck.

Raval was the officer the alleged victim reported to on March 6, 2020 regarding the alleged rape brought onto her by Tuck.

During previous trial dates, the alleged victim, who is now 22 years old, testified that she had no prior knowledge of Tuck nor of his MMA career until after the incident.

However, according to Reval’s testimony, when asked by Tuck’s Attorney, F. Randall Cunliffe, if during her interview with the alleged victim she recalled her saying she heard a male voice ask Tuck for his autograph, Raval responded, “yes.”

In cross-examination, when asked by the AG attorney if the alleged victim was emotional and traumatized during the interview, Raval also said “yes.”

Because the alleged victim reported the assault a few days after, when the AG Attorney asked, based on Raval’s 16-year experience with the GPD Sexual Assault team that victims who are traumatized sometimes have poor or confused details to which Raval responded, “Yes, they do.”

Tuck, who is a former UFC fighter is on trial for the rape of a then 21-year-old woman on March 4, 2020