Police officers pelted with rocks amidst a Dededo street fight

(PNC file photo)

Guam – Police officers were thrown rocks last night after responding to a call about a fight that broke out in Dededo.

Sources say one male was being assaulted by three others in the street, and motorists were being caught in the crossfire. When law enforcement arrived they quickly became the targets of the aggressors, who were identified to be Chuukese. According to the source, several minors were involved and had been drinking.

This is Dededo’s second open street fight in as many days. Caught between both brawls were passing drivers and responding police officers. No details have been released as to the extent of the damage to the vehicles or injuries to the cops.

Pockets of Chuukese men in Dededo and Tamuning have made news in recent days for attacking vehicles on the road. Most recently, four teenagers were apprehended for battering three cars at a Tamuning stoplight and attempting to hit an off-duty police officer with a metal pipe.