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Man who lost money gambling steals purse

Kinsiano Riaiti a.k.a Kin Mark.

A man who stole a woman’s purse told police he did it because he lost his money gambling.

Just before midnight on October 24, 2019 police received a call about a purse snatching at the Micronesia Mall by Pay-Less Supermarket.

The victim told police that she was walking into the supermarket when a man grabbed her handbag. She described an individual who was later identified by authorities as 41-year-old, Kinsiano Riaiti (aka Kin Mark) who fled in a silver or gray Highlander

Riaiti was spotted driving the vehicle in the mall parking lot and when police pulled him over he admitted to the crime as well as switching his license plate with another vehicle.

“Her purse is inside the vehicle,” Riaiti said. He told police he stole the bag to pay rent after losing his money gambling.

Riaiti was charged with third-degree robbery as a third-degree felony, vehicle without identification as a misdemeanor, and making a false report as a misdemeanor.

He was booked and confined.

Car burglary suspect behind bars

Rayden Edward Pereira

A man tied to several car burglaries in Perez Acres is now behind bars after the victims’ suspicions led authorities to his back patio.

18-year-old Rayden Edward Pereira was identified as being responsible for three car burglaries between September 22, 2019, and October 23, 2019 and according to one of the victims he had a reputation in the neighborhood of breaking into vehicles.

On October 23, the victim noticed that his red Toyota Tacoma’s door was opened and a red Nike gym bag was missing along with keys and other items. The victim told police that he saw his gym bag in plain view on the back patio of Pereira’s home.

The same day a second victim reported that the door to her black Toyota Highlander door was slightly open and an envelope with $200 was missing along with a remote-controlled gate key.

Both victims suspected Pereira.

When police questioned Pereira about the recent burglaries court documents read, “ Pereira said he found a red duffle bag from a red truck but had no knowledge of the burglary, even though GPD officers had not mentioned the items stolen. Pereira continued that he found the bag near some trash cans at the compound’s entrance and hid it on his back patio, and agreed to show the officers the bag, which he did at his residence and it matched the one described by the victim. Pereira then admitted to taking it from an unsecured red truck parked on Bald Street, the same place the victim said his vehicle was parked. Officers searched the gym bag and found a black Supreme waste pouch which in turn contained, among other things, a gate key remote. Pereira later said at the police station that he thought the key remote came from a black SUV but was not sure.”

Police records indicate that Periera was previously arrested for burglarizing another vehicle in Perez Acres in September but was later released.

He was charged with three counts of burglary to a motor vehicle as a second degree felony, criminal trespass as a misdemeanor and theft of property as a misdemeanor.

He was booked and confined.

Woman charged with child abuse

Juanita A. Q. Martinez

30-year-old Juanita A. Q. Martinez became angry with her child and struck him in the face.

On October 23, 2019, police responded to a child abuse complaint at one of the island’s schools.

The child told police that two days earlier Martinez became angry with him and threw a water pitcher full of water at him and then pushed, slapped and punched him on his right eye.

An injury check was conducted on the victim with police noting redness to his right eye, red spot to the right of the bridge of his nose below his right eye, and a scratch to the right side of his eye.

Martinez admitted to throwing the pitcher and slapping the child on his face twice, court documents stated.

She was charged with family violence and child abuse both as misdemeanors.


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