Police Shooting: 911 Calls Reveal Cop Identified his Killer


Police Officer Mark Torre, Jr. is being held on $500,000 cash bail.

Guam – Gruesome details of the alleged murder of one of his own were revealed as Police Officer Mark Torre Jr appeared in court to face charges of murdering fellow officer Elbert “Bert” Piolo. Torre’s bail was set at $500,000.


The mood was somber in court today as the family of Police Officer Mark Torre filled one side of the courtroom awaiting his magistrate hearing. Torre was arrested last night on charges that he shot to death fellow police officer Elbert “Bert” Piolo. 


Court papers detail the nightmare shooting, the 911 calls, the pleas for help and the victim himself implicating Torre as his killer. It states that when officers arrived at the scene, they saw Officer Torre holding a slumped Officer Piolo, appearing to apply pressure to a chest wound.


The report states that Piolo was shot on his right side. When police interviewed Torre, they noted that he smelled of alcohol and that he was slurring in his speech. When asked what had happened, Torre responded “Nothing, shouldn’t have been this” and “I never pointed it at him.”


He’s also quoted as saying “He said that they were not an item,” “That Piolo and the unknown female argued (unknown location or if via phone),” “That he tried to stop it” and “people are going to think I shot him.”


The magistrate report indicates that Torre was referring to Piolo and another woman.


The 911 call also revealed some gruesome details. Two calls were made, both by Piolo who was heard moaning and begging for help because “I’m dying.”


When Torre gets on the 911 call, he’s heard saying “he’s very feisty ma’am, he’s very feisty.” While Torre is instructed by the 911 operator to apply pressure to the wound, he’s then quoted as saying, “Ma’am, bring everybody here.”


Finally, in horrific detail Piolo’s dying words can be heard in the call: “Lieutenant, help me, I’m dying I’m dying. He shot me. He shot me.”


The Attorney General’s Office recommended a cash bail of $500,000, which defense attorney Jay Arriola criticized for its high amount.


The sensitive case is a tough one for the Guam Police Department, torn between two well-known and respected police officers, one accused of murdering another.Torre comes from a long line of police officers. His father, Mark Torre, Sr. is a high ranking police officer.


Piolo, a veteran cop, had been with the force for more than 15 years.


Torre, Jr. will be back in court tomorrow at 3 pm for a bail modification hearing. 


GPD Spokesman Officer AJ Balajadia says Torre is considered innocent until proven guilty and will remain an officer on the police force. He was placed on 20 days paid administrative leave.


You can read the magistrate complaint by clicking on the file below.