Police still gathering evidence in machete attack case

Emanuel Resalap and Jordan Rachulap are the two young men who are accused of attacking motorists in Mangilao with machetes earlier this year.

The government still needs to get its ducks in a row when it comes to the prosecution of two of the men involved in the Mangilao machete attack.

Emanuel Resalap and Jordan Rachulap were captured on video wielding machetes and attacking motorists and individuals on the streets of Mangilao. The attack sent people to the hospital and caused outrage in the community.

As both sides gear up for trial at the end of the month, it appears that the Guam police department has yet to collect all the evidence, specifically store surveillance video from the evening of the attack.

Superior Court Judge Vernon Perez told the prosecution to get the tape, further stating that the government should do all it can to retrieve not only the store’s video but also witness videos referenced in police reports.

Samuel Tekker, who represents Resalap, indicated that he has heard there is a lot of video about the incident, but said he has yet to see any of them.

In light of the evidence that is still in the public’s hands, Perez said: “My interest is to eliminate surprise. We are going to trial at the end of the month and I don’t need late extensions because something popped up and it compromises the defense’s ability to defend or the government’s ability to proceed.”

Perez added that any release on personal recognizance would be denied as the two men would be a danger to the community.

The next hearing is set for July 17 at 11 a.m.