Police Use Surveillance Video to Catch Woman in Credit Card Theft


Guam – If you think you can just get away with stealing a credit card and using it until the owner calls the bank to disable it, think again.

30-year-old Katrina Rose Tedtaotao, according to Guam police, did exactly that.

For nearly a month, police say Tedtaotao went on a spending spree with a stolen debit card belonging to an elderly woman.

Tedtaotao was arrested on Saturday after the woman’s daughter, who oversees her mother’s finances, reported suspicious activity in the account to police. From ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery in the Micronesia Mall, to gas purchases, to gift cards at Home Depot, police say luckily for them, all the purchases had corresponding surveillance footage showing Tedtaotao present at the time of the purchases.

Police were led to Tedtaotao when an “associate” told police that he purchased some gas for Tedtaotao using the card in question but didn’t bother to read the name on the card assuming it belonged t oher.

Tedtaotao was magistrated in Superior Court on Saturday and charged with identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card and theft by deception, all as third degree felonies.

The magistrate document does not say how much Tedtaotao allegedly stole, but the charges all reflect an amount of between $500 to $1,500.