POLL RESULTS: Is everybody overreacting to the novel coronavirus?


PNC held an online poll to get the community’s pulse on the question —- Should Guam be concerned about the spread of the coronavirus from China?

Guam has already adopted travel restrictions announced by the Trump administration as part of the U.S. coronavirus emergency declaration. The declaration prohibits foreign nationals who have traveled to China in the previous 14 days from entering the U.S.

Last week, the Guam Department of Education has decided to implement a 14-day excused absence policy for any student or staff member who has recently returned from mainland China. The two-week excused absence policy will also apply to students or staff who are exhibiting symptoms of the disease after having contact with someone who has recently been in China.

As of  Sunday, Feb 9, 323 people voted in our online poll. Here are the results:

  • No. The coronavirus is a real threat – 167 votes
  • Yes. The flu kills 12,000 in the U.S. every year. The coronavirus won’t claim nearly as many worldwide – 74 votes
  • I’m not overreacting but the media is – 82 votes

Check out our website pncguam.com/poll for our latest question: Should GovGuam adopt austerity measures like the CNMI in the face of lost tourism revenue brought on by the coronavirus cancellations?

CNMI Gov. Ralph DLG Torres recently met with the Commonwealth’s House leadership and presented several budget-cut options, including across-the-board work-hour cuts and the suspension of 25 percent of government retirees benefit payments unprotected by a settlement agreement. The austerity measures will be implemented following the drastic and sudden decline in tourist arrivals because of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China.

Let us know…and cast your vote now.