Poole: Joseph Mistaken, USDA’s Termination of Vet’s Accreditation Un-Afffected by Court Stay


Guam – Territorial Veterinarian Dr. Thomas Poole has responded to Wise Owl vet Dr. Joel Joseph’s contention that his accreditation as a veterinarian was not or should not have been stripped by the USDA.


READ Dr. Poole’s response below, followed by Dr. Joseph’s original message:

Territorial Veterinarian Dr. Poole:

I’m afraid that it is Dr. Joseph who has made the mistake.  It is the exclusive purview of the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners to determine who is allowed to have a veterinary license.  The board worked every weeknight for four weeks from 6-10 PM listening to witnesses and reviewing evidence.
They determined, unanimously, that Dr. Joseph should not have a veterinary license.  This is the fourth time in six years that this board has found Dr. Joseph guilty of serious misconduct.  The superior court judge has not had the opportunity to hear argument or review any evidence, but he will.  The stay in no way addresses the merit of the board’s decision to remove the license.

The USDA makes their own decisions on accreditation.  They can remove accreditation from a licensed veterinarian.  The basis for Dr. Joseph’s stay request was that 19 other innocent employees would lose their livelihoods if the clinic were forced to close immediately.  I understand why the judge took that into consideration when issuing the stay, but that has nothing to do with accreditation and the USDA.
Thomas N. Poole, MPH, DVM, DACVPM
Guam Territorial Veterinarian
Wise Owl Veterinarian Dr. Joseph:
To whom it may concern,

Dr. Thomas Poole has erroneously stated to the USDA-VS that my veterinary license here in Guam has been revoked/removed/or similar; and as such that my accreditation needs to be placed on an inactive status.   It is noteworthy that the “Preliminary Record of Decision by GBAHE” never went into effect (as stated by Dr. Poole) as it was never served or properly placed into effect by anyone or any agency.

It would seem appropriate that since Dr. Poole made the initial “mistake” he should have been the one with the “correcting response” once the Stay order from Judge Bordallo was issued (attached).  It is unfathomable that an American governmental agency and/or its agents would disregard the “Decision and Order” of a Superior Court Judge.

It would also seem appropriate that this be accomplished with the same speed that the initial mis-reporting was done.
Dr. Joel Joseph DVM