Popular Philippine restaurant franchise Max’s holds soft opening at Micronesia Mall

Popular Philippine restaurant franchise Max's is now on Guam (PNC photo)

Max’s Restaurant, the renowned Philippine-based multinational restaurant chain which serves fried chicken and other Filipino dishes, is now on Guam.

The restaurant held its soft opening Thursday morning at the Micronesia Mall, bringing the taste of traditional Filipino cuisine and sharing with Guam “The House that Fried Chicken Built.”

With over 200 restaurants globally, Max’s Restaurant is the number one casual dining restaurant in the Philippines, according to President and CEO of KI International, Eleanor Alinas.

She says bringing Max Restaurant to Guam was a long time coming and they’re happy that they were able to finally have the restaurant open on Guam.

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“This took three years. We were actually affected by Typhoon Yutu and then COVID-19 happened. And that’s why it took this long to finally have our first store in this area of the world,” Alinas said.

She added: “We serve traditional Filipino meals. We have a 75-year history and so Max’s is deeply rooted in many Filipino families. Filipinos would come to celebrate Mother’s Day, birthdays, christening parties, and even weddings. Many patrons here on Guam have actually spoken to me about their personal connection with Max’s so their family history is deeply rooted in Max’s history.”

Alinas also spoke about the dishes the restaurant is known for including, of course, their signature fried chicken.

“The number one for Max’s would be the fried chicken. I had one patron say that ‘if you tie my eyes, and put 3 chicken in front of me, I would be able to say, spot on that’s Max’s Fried Chicken.’ That’s how familiar Filipinos are with our brand and of course, we have the favorites. The 5 favorites are Max’s Fried Chicken, we have crispy pata, kare-kare, bulalo, sinigang, and lumpia shanghai,” Alinas said.

The first customers in line, Sash Santos and his mother Marieta, talked about their positive experience at the restaurant’s soft opening.

“Max’s … their food so far is pretty good was really quick which is a surprise for us being it was their first day. But it’s pretty good so far and the people are really friendly here,” Santos said.

Max’s Restaurant is located at the Micronesia Mall in Dededo and is open from 11 am to 7 pm.

They’re also available for dine-in and take-out.