Porky’s Manager Arrested On Charges of Aggravated Assault, Use of Deadly Weapon


Guam – A manager at Porky’s bar has been arrested on charges of Aggravated Assault and Use of a Deadly Weapon after a man was found laying on the ground after refusing to leave the bar at closing time early this morning (Tuesday).


According to Guam Police Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia officers responded to a disturbance in the Porky’s parking lot in Tumon at 2:33 this morning.  Officers found a 35-year old male laying on the ground near the Club Hana stairway.  The man appeared to have sustained injuries to his head and hands according to Balajadia.  The man was able to identify the man who beat him leading police to the arrest of Porky’s manager Daniel J. Morman.

According to the Magistrates Complaint filed in District Court Tuesday, the alleged victim had been sitting outside of the bar and banged on the door when Morman got a baseball bat and brought it outside.  The complaint alleges that Morman beat the other man with the bat causing a one and half inch laceration above one of the man’s eyes, lacerations to his fingers and an abrasion behind his right knee.

39-year old Morman is charged with Aggravated Assault as a Third Degree Felony and Special Allegation of Possessiona nd Use of a Deadly Weapon in the commission of a felony.