Port Asks AG To Look Into Bid Protest On Cargo Terminal Management Contract


Guam- The Port Authority of Guam has yet to respond to a bid protest filed for a Philippines based company called Harbour Centre.

The protest was filed on August 2 and argues that the port did not follow proper procurement protocols. The port was soliciting bids for interested companies to manage its cargo terminal. Since Harbour Centre was not selected as the “Highest Ranked Offeror”, it is protesting that the agency did not follow Guam law to include the General Services Agency, the Chief Procurement Officer and the Attorney General’s Office in the evaluation process.

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Port officials state they are not allowed to talk about the protest.

However, PNC has learned the agency has written a letter asking for the Attorney General to investigate these claims and look into whether or not information could have been leaked to the protester.

A statement from the Spokesman for the AG’s Office, Bryan Cruz said that they have “recieved a letter from Port Authority General Manager, Mr. Enrique J.S. Agustin. Mr. Agustin’s request is actively being reviewed and we have no further comment, at this time.”