Hotel Wharf Breaks Ground

Port Authority of Guam (PAG photo)

Hotel Wharf broke ground earlier today and the project is now underway.

PNC’s Althea Engman has the report on this story.

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Today the Port Authority of Guam broke ground on the construction and rehabilitation of Hotel Wharf alongside the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero stated, “With the impending military build-up and the need to ensure the port remains capable of providing full support to ocean vessels in support of loading and unloading cargo, our administration provided whatever financial resource we could use to push this project forward.”

Governor Leon Guerrero said that “We allocated $15 million from the American Rescue Plan and, in doing so, directed the Port to freeze its tariff rates for the next two fiscal years. This will help stabilize the price of goods and alleviate the rising cost of living. Once complete, the new Hotel Wharf will also serve as the homeport of Guam’s future cruise ship industry.”

With Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. being awarded the bid, the project will cost $46 M., and Phase I and Phase II should be starting soon.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero stated, “Because the port is so critical to our island’s economy and our survivability for that matter we have to lift the port and push the port forward and not drag it down. We do this because port employees are not only deserving of our support but have earned our respect and their key in our island community.”

In an interview with PNC’s Jannette Samson, Rory Respicio, General Manager of the Port Authority of Guam, said that Hotel Wharf will be an alternate Port so whenever there’s congestion in the main wharf that the vessels can be diverted into it, and more importantly this will be the future home porting for cruise ships vessels here on Guam.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero stated, “Upon project completion we would have added over 500 feet of usable wharf water frontage to the port’s foot print this will alleviate vessels arriving with construction materials, roll on and roll off operations and cruise liners away from the main cargo terminal.”

“Our Administration and our Port Strong family are revolutionizing how the Port operates. We are pushing for a major master plan update for the Port to capture the attention of larger customers and diversify its revenue base,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. ”

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I’m Althea Engman.

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