Port Board To Seek New Freight Carrier for Island


Guam – Port Authority Board of Directors Chairman Dan Tydingco says it’s comforting to hear news from Matson that they will be able to provide services without a disruption in cargo flow when Horizon Lines leaves the Port next month. A representative from Matson attended the Port Authority of Guam meeting today to reassure the Port of their continued service to the island. Matson officials sent the same commitment to the community in a press release on Wednesday.

Tydingco says he is also pleased to hear Matson officials say that they won’t be increasing their rates when their only competition leaves the island. Still he says, the Board believes having multiple carriers is better for consumers and they will work diligently to bring another carrier to Guam.

“Its very disheartening that we don’t have the multitude of carriers that we would expect for the benefit of consumers on island,” said Tydingco. “Nonetheless the Port is going to be working in lock step probably with some other stake holders in the community to try and elicit more carriers to try and provide services and fill the void thats being left by Horizon.”

In response to this weeks news from Horizon Lines, Senator Tom Ada has called on the Port Authority to provide a briefing on how port operations will be affected. The information briefing will be held next Thursday November 3rd at 6:30pm in the Legislative public hearing room.