Port Employees Volunteer to Spend Their Father’s Day Getting Southern High Ready Inspection


Guam – Port Authority of Guam crews have started their work to help Southern High School pass inspection later this week.

Employees of the Operations and Maintenance Divisions spent their Father’s Day working at the school replacing lighting and drop ceilings throughout the Santa Rita School. Port Operations Manager John Santos and Maintenance Manager Ernie Candoleta have been coordinating with DOE Maintenance Manager Billy Cruz on the schools needs in order to come into compliance.

[Port Employees at Southern Group Shot: Port Authority of Guam employees gather inside the library of Southern High School June 20 to work on critical school repairs. Port employees are helping Department of Education maintenance staff with the repairs of the southern high school throughout this week. From left: Kenneth Quintanilla, Greg Babauta, Romy Defensor, Richard Borja, Alejandro Retumban, Dave Roberto and Frank Calvo.]

“Our electricians are working on the lighting in the hallways as this is where most of their demerits came from,” Maintenance Manager Candoleta said. “Once we finish that we will go into the classrooms. Right now most of the demerits are on the electrical side and that is where we are concentrating. If they need help on the carpentry and masonry side then we will send those employees down there also.”

Candoleta said his maintenance staff assessed the area and informed Billy Cruz of the supplies they would need. Cruz then had the supplies delivered to the school for the Port employees to begin the work.

Operations Manager John Santos said this is not the first time the Port Authority of Guam has assisted Southern High School.

“Most of our employees are from the South so they are always eager to help out Southern High when we are asked for assistance,” Santos said.  “The Port Authority of Guam always steps up when called upon to assist our fellow agencies. We have extremely talented and dedicated employees here who consider it an honor to share their talents with those who need assistance.”

Santos said the Port crews will be assisting Southern High to try and meet their deadline later this week for a follow-up inspection by Public Health.