Port Expects Delivery of Federal Funds Friday


Guam – Port Board Chairman Monte Mesa says a federal team will be here on Friday to deliver the promised funds needed to get the Port Modernization plan underway in earnest.

This week the Port is celebrating 35 years of service to the local community.

During the opening ceremonies of Port Week Monday Mesa told PNC News “The federal government will be here to actually and officially present the financial resources that we’ve been asking for…and the support that the Department of Defense, the federal government itself, is going to put up for the port.”

“This will be a milestone, it’ll be history in the making,” said Mesa.

Mesa adds he hopes the new GovGuam leadership in 2011 will take the foundation they’ve developed to the next level for future generations to come.

During Monday’s opening ceremonies presentations were made to retirees, graduates of the agency’s apprenticeship program, and other hard working employees.

Port General Manager Rick Agustin says their mission remains the same, but they face many challenges in modernizing their facilities.

Members of the 30th Guam Legislature also expressed their appreciation for the accomplishments of the workers, despite pointing out that neither Governor Felix Camacho nor Lt. Governor Mike Cruz were present for the ceremony.