CSC Votes to Reinstate Josette Javelosa to Port in Case on Alleged Conspiracy


Guam – Another Port Authority of Guam employee fired over an alleged conspiracy two years ago has won her case before the Civil Service Commission. CSC members last night voted four to three to reinstate Josette Javelosa to her position at the port, along with lost wages.

Javelosa worked for the government for 23 years before she was fired from the Port Authority of Guam in late December 2012.

She was among the seven employees implicated in an alleged conspiracy to fraudulently allow then Port Marketing Manager Bernadette Stern Meno to claim worker’s compensation benefits.

Javelosa’s Lawyer John Terlaje claims his client’s case and the others never had any merit.




“Not one penny was taken from the Government,” Terlaje told PNC. “And that was proven in all the cases and yet now we’re fighting over something that didn’t even happen.”

Port Management however is frustrated by the CSC’s decision in all the cases regarding the alleged conspiracy so far.

“It’s not okay to go along with wrong doing just because an employee’s superior started it,” Port Legal Representative Mike Phillips said during a phone call with PNC this afternoon.

Phillips believes the cases belong in a criminal court and asks why the Attorney General hasn’t acted on the matter. When asked if the port will appeal Javelosa’s the case as it has with Frances Arriola and Jose Guevera’s cases already Phillips said it seems that they will.

“We’ll wait to see what the final judgment says,” he added.

The CSC also voted to reinstate Leonora Leon Guerrero in July but the final decision on her case has not yet been issued. Francine Rocio’s hearing on merits is scheduled to be heard on September 30th, Vivian Castro Leon’s hearing will follow on October 2nd but Meno isn’t scheduled to have her case heard until March 31st 2016.