Port of Guam gets ‘full delegation of procurement authority’

(Port Authority of Guam file photo)

The Port Authority of Guam’s right to procure goods and services on its own has been restored 14 years after it lost that power.

In a news release Sunday, PAG General Manager Rory Respicio announced that GovGuam’s Chief Procurement Officer Claudia Acfalle has restored “full delegation of procurement authority” to the Port of Guam.

“Ms. Acfalle put us through the wringer these past nine months,” said Respicio in the release. “Thankfully, she recognizes that the Port has reached this level of excellence, finally earning this delegation of procurement.”

Respicio told the Pacific News Center that when he took office in January 2019 he initially asked Acfalle to grant the Port a $10,000 threshold to hand its own procurement.

Last August, he took the next step asking for “a six-month conditional delegation” of procurement authority “working closely with Acfalle.” Since then he said “we earned Chief Claudia’s trust and she granted this delegation.”

“Before all of the port’s procurement had to go through GSA, just like line agencies,” said Respicio. “The Port now has the same procurement authority as the airport. This is a huge step for the Port in terms of being an autonomous agency.”

The Port’s procurement team is headed by Joy Jean Arceo. “We are extremely proud” of Arceo and her team said Respicio.

Since conditional procurement authority was granted nine-months ago, Respicio said the Port’s procurement division has been working closely with Acfalle and Special Assistant Attorney General Robert Kono.

Together they have processed 621 purchase orders, awarded 13 invitation for bids, two requests for proposals, advertised five requests for proposals, and one invitation for bid. All of these procurements involved the purchase of material supplies, professional services, and the acquisition of heavy equipment.

“We will continue to focus on the Port’s modernization projects, issuing out the performance maintenance contract in the coming weeks, and procuring gantry cranes in the coming years,” said Respicio in the news release.