Port safety officers respond to report of oil spill

(Port Authority of Guam file photo)

Port Authority of Guam General Manager Rory J. Respicio was notified Thursday morning that an oil spill occurred on F3 dockside.

At the time of the incident, Black Construction employees were loading construction materials and equipment onto a barge that was intended for a project in Diego Garcia.

The oil spill was from a Smithbridge crane they were using to load the cargo. The Smithbridge crane operator told authorities that heavy rain caused the oil to flow onto the docks and spill into the water.

An Oil Spill Response Team from OSROCO worked in conjunction with Smithbridge and the barge agent Marianas Steamship Agency to clean up the spill.

Absorbent materials were deployed on the dockside and in the water to contain and clean up the oil spill.

Operations were temporarily halted to allow the U.S. Coast Guard and Port Safety Division to inspect the site and cleanup of the oil spill has been completed.

(PAG Release)