Port: Strict Enforcement of Marina Rules to Continue


Guam – The Port Authority of Guam would like to remind the general public that local law prohibits the use of net fishing at the Agana or Agat Marinas.

The Port Authority of Guam Marina Rules and Regulations are contained in Title 12 Guam Code Annotated §10104(d),(f) and §10105(g),(h). The rules state “NO NET OR TRAP DEVICES. No net or trap devices of any kind shall be used for fishing in the Marina.”

Port Authority of Guam Harbor Master officials along with Port Police will be increasing surveillance of the Agana and Agat Marinas to ensure strict compliance with this law. Anyone found to be violating the net prohibitions will be arrested and any fish found in nets will be released. Failure to release fish or remove nets shall result in the seizure of assets as allowed under Guam law.

The Port also wants to remind the public that there will be civil penalties imposed as well. The Marina Rules and Regulations state, “Penalties and Prosecution. Violation of these Rules shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 and imprisonment of not more than one year. Authority for these penalty provisions is found in Title 12 Guam Code Annotated § 10112. Prosecution shall be conducted as provided by law. In addition, violators shall be subject to immediate eviction and/or revocation of their agreement for lease of a slip at the Marinas.”

Anyone wanting to review and download the Marina Rules and Regulations may do so by visiting our Port Authority of Guam website at: http://www.portguam.com/maritime-operations/rules-regulations-policies/marina-rules-and-regulations