Port urged to exhaust all legal options in Susuico case

Port Authority of Guam general manager Rory Respicio and former port GM Joanne Brown (PNC graphic by Ricky De Guzman)

Former Port Authority of Guam general manager Joanne Brown has criticized current Port GM Rory Respicio for being reckless with the people’s money with regard to the Susuico case.

In an interview on the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K57, Brown said Respicio should not just meekly follow the decision of the Supreme Court of Guam to pay back pay for former port employee Kevin Susuico who was deemed not qualified by the Civil Service Commission.

Brown said Respicio should at least ask the court for a reconsideration and exhaust all legal options available to the port with regard to the Susuico case.

“I don’t see a reason why they can’t do that,” Brown said.

Rule 30 of the Supreme Court rules allow GovGuam agencies 45 days to file a petition, which is equal to a motion to reconsider.

Brown cited the YTK case which would have had a different end result if the port had not challenged the original Supreme Court ruling.

In response, Respicio told the Patti Arroyo show that the port has not yet made any final decision on what to do next with regard to the Susuico case.

Respicio said “there’s no rush to pay” and that he has already asked the port’s legal counsel to analyze the Supreme Court decision and find out what the port’s options are.

“If this is a long shot and we decide to fight again, we’ll incur more legal fees and back pay and interest. That’s what we saw in the Jojo Guevarra case. That’s why we had to pay a lot of backpay. I dont want to play fast and loose with the people’s money,” Respicio said.

He added: “This would not even be an issue if the previous administration had complied with the 60-day rule.”