Port: Vehicle Carrier Ship Green Ridge Returns; About 25 “Brown Widow” Spiders Found Aboard


Guam – The vehicle carrier ship “Green Ridge” returned to Guam this past weekend, bringing about 25 spiders with it, along with its load of passenger cars.

According to a release from the Port of Guam,  the “Green Ridge” arrived at the Port Friday morning.

Port cargo checkers found a spider during their inspection of 560 vehicles and Guam Customs was called in. The Port says they conducted a thorough inspection and found about 25 spiders in all.

Department of Agriculture entomologist Dr. Russell Campbell later determined they were “Brown Widow” spiders, not “Black Widow” spiders.  Brown Widow spider bites are  usually much less dangerous than the black widow’s,  according to Wikipedia.

During the “Green Ridge’s” last visit to Guam in May, the ship was found to be infested with hundreds of “Black Widow” spiders.  

[photo courtesy Port employee]

READ the release from the Port of Guam below:

Piti, Guam, August 11, 2014: Green Ridge vessel called the Port on Friday, August 8, 2014 at 6:05 a.m.

First discharge was performed at 8:25 a.m. and final discharge at 4:20 p.m.

Upon completion of vessel operations, a spider was found during the inspection of 560 vehicles by port cargo checkers where Department of Customs & Quarantine was immediately contacted.

After a thorough inspection conducted by Customs & Quarantine of all the vehicles, about 25 spiders were found which was later determined to be “brown” widow spiders by Dr. Russell Campbell, an entomologist, Department of Agriculture.

All the brown widow spiders were exterminated and collected by Customs & Quarantine.

Green Ridge vessel departed port of Guam early Saturday morning of August 9, 2014.