VIDEO: Port May Have to Call Another Union Representation Vote, Despite Recent Approval of GFT Contract


Guam – The Port of Guam may have to call another union representation vote because the Department of Administration [DOA] has raised questions about whether or not 50% of the Port’s current eligible employees are members of the Guam Federation of Teachers [GFT].

The Port Board recently approved the employees contract with the GFT and the GFT membership ratified that contract on November 8th.

The GFT received Exclusive Recognition for employees at the Port of Guam on April 1, 2008. It took years to reach agreement on the new contract.

READ the letter from DOA Director Manglona to Port GM Torres HERE

Governor Calvo still needs to sign off on the Port’s contract with the GFT. His spokesman, Troy Torres, said the contract is still under review and the Governor has not signed it yet.

However, an October 4th letter from Department of Administration Director Benita Manglona to Port General Manager Mary Torres cites the Port’s own employee records which show that as of October 31st of last year GFT membership at the Port had declined to just 80 out of 213 eligible employees. That represents roughly 38% of the eligible employees, according to the letter.


Manglona’s letter to Torres points out that Title 2 of the Guam Administrative Rules  & Regulations [GARR] states:

&5107(2), A minimum of at least ten percent (10%) membership and a sufficient number authorization cards to indicate at lest fifty percent (50%) of the eligible employees in the unit desire the petitioning organization to be the exclusive bargaining agent; or

&5107(3), A total of at least twenty percent (20%) membership within the unit to justify an election.

DOA Director Benita Manglona said the Guam Attorney General has been asked to determine whether another representation vote is necessary and if they decide that it is, the vote could be held as soon as January.

GFT President Tim Fedenko told PNC News that he does not believe that a new representation vote is necessary but if the AG determines that it is, he would not fight it. “You’ve got to have the support of the workers,” he told us.

However, either way, when the AG issues a decision, Fedenko said that GFT’s Attorney would review it.

Port General Manager Mary Torres declined to comment on the issue.