Portugese man-o-war spotted on southern coast


Swimmers and beachgoers beware the Portugese man-o-war have been spotted on the southern shores of Guam.

Guam – Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove owner Jeff Pleadwell tells PNC that the little blue stinging creatures have started washing up on the shores near the Togcha river. The Portugese man-o-war normally wash up on Guam’s shores around this time of year.

In fact, the Department of Agriculture issued a warning in November saying “The Department of Agriculture’s Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources (DAWR) would like to remind people we are in man-o-war season. Be cautious of man- o-wars on the beach or in the water, especially on north and east facing beaches. If man-o-wars are seen, please notify the Department of Agriculture. Call 735-0289/91/94, or e-mail guamfishinfo@gmail.com. Indicate if it is jellyfish, or man-o-wars.” A man-o-war can be distinguished by its blue bubble. Man-o-wars are not technically jellyfish but they are a different type of sea creature that also has the ability to sting humans.