Possible Improvements to Veteren’s Healthcare

Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio signed four bills into law today.

Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio spoke with officials from the Pacific Islands Health Care System – regarding possible improvements for the island’s veterans.

PNC’s Don Sulat has more on this story.

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According to the office of the Governor, currently in Hawaii – Lt. Governor Tenorio spoke with Dr. Adam Robinson – Director of the VAPIHCS, highlighting concerns about the delay of services available to Guam’s veterans regarding specialty care, regular appointments along with discussions in regard to the proposed long-term veterans care facility.

In an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo – the Lieutenant Governor mentioned how better health care for Guam’s Veterans could not only help the island but the region as well.

He stated, “We’ve been making an argument that there should be some decision making on benefits should be on Guam, because the Guam office could make decisions and could service the Veterans not only living on the Marianas and in Micronesia but potentially the 10’s of thousands living in the Philippines. Which is another big group of veterans, along with those of course in East-Asia.”

Lt. Governor Tenorio also went into detail about the Governor’s One-Stop Medical Campus, and how it would benefit island veterans in terms of medical needs.

Saying that the medical campus would be working in partnership with Veterans Affairs to work with potential service providers that the VA might hire, or having military bases be the providers instead.

Lt. Governor added, “The concept we’re working on here is, we’re going to be building this clinic. The Governor is very focus on making sure there is a permanent medical staff. She doesn’t like this, every 2 years you’re going to have folks in and out and people are going to have to retell their stories. She doesn’t believe that you can get quality healthcare when you’re constantly changing your providers.”

As for bringing in the medical professionals, Lt. Governor says that, that discussion and topic will be approached at through different angles. But currently, the focus is having the facility for the physicians to operate at.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center.
I’m Don Sulat.


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