Possible load shedding tonight

Guam Power Authority (PNC file photo)

Have your power-banks on standby and your electronics charged and ready for tonight.

PNC confirmed with Guam Power Authority Communications Manager, Joyce Sayama, that there is a possibility for load shedding tonight.

Villages had brief power outages last night and on Tuesday due to Cabras Units remining offline.

According to a release from the Guam Power Authority – two out of the island’s four baseload power plants – Cabras 1 and 2 were offline.

Due to both being offline the total power generation capacity reportedly went to 221 megawatts.

Meanwhile, the Piti 9 generator is reportedly on limited production due to high liner temperature on it’s cylinder and will likely be offline this weekend for repairs.

As an attempt to minimize load shedding – GPA had to implement their interruptible load program.

Where they would place “GWA assets on standby generators” and work with large power consumers such as the Navy to “isolate their facilities from the grid during peak time.”

According to yesterday’s release from GPA, should there be a shortage of generation capacity then they will implement rotating outages lasting up to 1 hour.

GPA General Manager, John Benavente, is requesting that people conserve power, especially during peak hours from 6 to 10pm.

According to GPA, Cabras 1 is expected to be back online tomorrow.

Individuals can keep an eye on GPA’s website and social media pages for a schedule that will list potentially affected areas.

The schedules, GPA says, are subject to change based on generation capacity and power demand.

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