Possible sites for new hospital narrowed down to 2

GMHA administrator and CEO Lillian Perez-Posadas (GMHA photo)

The governor made a bold announcement Monday, saying she plans to break ground on a new hospital by the end of 2022 — a timeline she herself described as aggressive.

Guam Memorial Hospital Authority administrator and CEO Lillian Perez-Posadas told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo that the steering committee working on the new hospital is meeting on a weekly basis to maintain the governor’s deadline.

She said that of the 12 locations that were under consideration for the new hospital the committee has settled on two remaining options — Adacao and Eagles Field.

The primary criterium for each location was that it be centrally located.

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Some have brought up concerns about the group of medical facilities that have grown up around the current hospital’s location.

They worry that it may be difficult for them to service a new location and may even have to relocate themselves.

Perez-Posadas said that she doesn’t foresee that becoming a problem.

“Guam is a small island, it’s not going to take them long to travel to Mangilao, and they don’t really have to invest into another clinic near the hospital in Mangilao…if it’s in Mangilao. They don’t have to. It’s not a long distance to drive to Mangilao. And again, we’re doing this not for just a certain group of people, but for the whole island of Guam,” Perez-Posadas.

Perez-Posadas said that even though the steering committee doesn’t have any design work done yet, she believes the governor’s deadline can be met.

She also believes that the timeline’s aggressiveness is just the thing that’s needed to get going on a project that’s been delayed for too long.

“We can do it. We do things amazingly. When we put our minds to it, we get things done. But it is a target… a good target goal to push us…to keep us going, keep the momentum going, so that if it doesn’t drag it out. Because this building is the new hospital, has always been talked about. Has been discussed, for years. But no action was taken. So now we’re putting full force and taking really aggressive action. And we can do it,” Perez-Posadas said.