U.S. Postal Inspector Investigating Theft of Mail at Tamuning Post Office


Guam – Someone entered the Tamuning Post Office Wednesday night and took a hammer to the mailboxes inside, damaging roughly 40 of them.

Its not clear how much mail was stolen from the mailboxes.

Postal Authorities on Guam yesterday declined comment and referred us to postal officials in Hawaii who have not yet responded.

However inside the mailboxes of  the Tamuning Post Office customers today was a letter from U.S. Postal Inspector Richard Kaufman in San Francisco. In his letter Kaufman states “The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is conducting an official investigation into the theft of U.S. Mail.”  

Kaufman’s letter goes on to state:

“Efforts are being made to identify the individuals responsible for this mail theft incident and when they are identified and apprehended, these subjects will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

“If you have any information regarding who may be responsible for this offense, or if you have incurred any financial abnormality (i.e., incoming, outgoing, banking checks cashed, unauthorized credit card usage, and/or bank account manipulation), please notify Guam Postal Inspectors immediately. “

Customers of the Post Office report they have also been notified that the locks have been changed on their mailboxes, and they have been provided new keys.