Powell Charged With Attempted Murder After Woman Says She Tackled Him When He Tried to Stab Her Daughter


Guam –  An Agat woman told police she had to tackle and disarm 20 year old Maurice Jr. Powell after she says he tried to stab her daughter.

Powell was charged in Superior Court Tuesday with Attempted Aggravated Murder and Terrorizing, including a Special Allegation of  Possession and Use of a Deadly Weapon.

According to the Magistrate report,  Christine Rogog called Police to her home about 9:30 Monday night.  She said Powell told her he wanted to kill her daughter, and his former girlfriend, Kimberly.

READ the Magistrate report HERE [2nd one down]

She says she saw Powell holding a knife and attempting to stab her daughter. However she “was able to tackle the defendant and take his knife away from him.”

But after taking the first knife away from Powell, Rogog says she discovered he had a second knife. “She was able to relieve defendant of the second knife as well,” states the report.

Powell told Police he had been drinking and became angry when he found out that his former girlfriend “had taken up with another man only two weeks after their separation,” says the report.