Powers of Persuasion Exhibit Portrays WWII Propaganda


Guam -Rosie the Riveter might be one of the most iconic images from World War II but it is also a classic example of propaganda used by the government to put Americans to work for the war cause.

War In The Pacific National Historical Park is currently displaying a poster exhibit on World War II Propaganda at the T. Stell Newman Visitors Center outside of the Navy Gate in Sumay.  The exhibit examines not only American World War II Propaganda but also the used by the Japanese Government to influence its population.

On the American Home-front propaganda images were used to get the American population to contribute to war production.

“The War altered the way everybody in the United States lived,” said Museum Curator James Oelke explaining that even cooking grease was saved and turned in to use for the war effort.  Oelke gave a presentation during a Curators Corner event held at the Museum last weekend.

The Powers of Persuasion Exhibit will be on display through May 2011.  The T. Stell Newman Visitor Center is open from 9am to 4:30 pm Sunday-Saturday but will be closed on Christmas Day and on New Years Day.