Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Sends Representative to Guam


Guam Republican party can send 9 delegates to Republican National Convention to participate in selection of Republican presidential candidate

Guam – Guam matters in the U.S. presidential election. Although we don’t get to vote for president Guam’s respective political party’s do have a say in the nomination for president and right now Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz has sent a representative to Guam to seek support.


 Although individuals on Guam can’t vote for president our Democratic and Republican party’s can and do participate in their national nominations for presidential candidates. In fact Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz has sent out a member of his campaign named Dennis Lennox to seek support from the territory. “Guam has a very important say in the Republican nomination process. Guam is treated as well as the four other territories by the Republican party they’re treated as states so they matter Guam matters immensely this time around,” said Lennox.

 Lennox says he’s here to listen and learn about the issues that Guam finds important so that he can take those issues back to the states. “So Guam has a say in it’s caucus in March and it’s delegates elected from the caucus will go to the national convention in July in Cleveland and will vote along side the 54 other states and territories and Guam matters and Senator Cruz wants to ensure that the issues and concerns and the voice of Guam is treated fairly and equally and it’s heard by everybody in Washington D.C. because for far too long Washington has ignored Guam and that needs to end and it needs to end now,” said Lennox.

 Guam has 9 delegates that it will send to the Republican national convention next July in Cleveland. It is at that convention where the Republican candidate for president will be selected. Senator Ted Cruz is an influential Senator out of Texas who serves on the powerful and important armed services committee. Cruz has been ranking about third in many poles.