Press Conference Held Ahead of Red Cross’ Chief Income Generating Event


The Red Ball is the primary source of funds generated for the Red Cross Guam to be able to operate 24/7 according to CEO Chita Blaise. 

Guam – It’s the biggest gala of the year and today a press conference was held to announce what to look forward to at this year’s red ball and why the community’s support continues to be crucial to American Red Cross’ mission.





 Members of the Red Cross, Guam chapter and COO of Triple J Enterprises Jeff Jones, held a press conference ahead of the non-profits chief income-generating event, the 15th annual red ball.


The panel also highlighted some of the group’s recent relief efforts. At the conference, Red Cross Guam’s CEO Chita Blaise said that this year’s typhoon season is predicted to be severe and erratic and the red cross needs to be ready to respond. Blaise tells PNC that the red ball plays a critical role in helping the Red Cross help Guamanians in need. The panel also announced that Jeff Jones would take over as chairman of this year’s red ball. Blaise explains the importance of the event.      

 “Absolutely, like i said 91 cents of every dollar goes back to the community, it needs to from the local chapter, it looks like were constantly raising money cause we are, there’s no such things as ‘ok well we’ll take it easy now,’ look this typhoon season is predicted to be the most erratic and severe, we’re ready, we’re always ready, that’s what its all about, we need to be prepared, we always work on that–being prepared,” said Blaise, in response to how the Red Ball will help the Red Cross.            


“I talked to my wife and she said ‘what are you crazy?’ but actually we talked about, we agreed that its something i can put my time towards because it’s a worthy cause, there’s a lot of worthy cause here but the red cross is there all the time,” said Jeff Jones on being named Chairperson of the Red Ball.

The event will also be co-hosted by PNC”s Janela Carrera and is set for Saturday, September 19 at the Pacific Island’s Club Pavilion.