Prestige Auto owner, employees charged in federal court


The three are accused of setting up fake sales of vehicles and then shipping them off to China.

Guam – In addition to their case in Superior Court, the Prestige Auto employees accused of car registration fraud are now facing similar charges in federal court.

The Attorney General’s Office has pursued charges against three individuals in the District Court of Guam. They are Prestige Auto employees Ana Kristine Absalon and Orlando Domingo and owner and CEO John Shen.

A complaint was filed charging the three with knowing or reckless disclosure or use of information by preparers of returns and aiding and abetting.

Court papers say the three prepared fake bills of sale for 61 Land Rover and BMW vehicles which were registered at the Department of Revenue and Taxation under stolen identities.

Prestige Auto, the report states, would then ship the cars off to China.