Price Elementary Hosts Lt. Governor at Its “Career Day”


Guam – Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio made a guest appearance Thursday to about 60 students at Price Elementary School.

[Caption: Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio showcases the newly cleaned Guam Seal to children from Price Elementary School on Career Day, Thursday, February 17]

It was Career Day and Tenorio was invited to speak about his role as the Lieutenant Governor of Guam. Many students were delighted to be given the opportunity to engage in interactive dialogue with the lieutenant governor.

“One of my jobs as the Lieutenant Governor is to take care of the Guam Seal,” Tenorio said. “This is the face of Guam, and as the Keeper of the Seal, I want to make sure we understand its importance to our island’s identity.”

The Lieutenant Governor’s appearance will be the first of many visits to Guam’s schools in a project he calls “Seal: On Tour.” Now that cleaning has been completed by Guam Museum, Tenorio plans to take the Seal to schools to educate children about the history and significance of the symbol of Guam.