Price of gas drops 20 cents to $3.50 a gallon


For the fourth time this month, the price of gas has fallen, and this was the biggest drop yet.

Mobil services stations on Guam Wednesday sliced 20 cents off the price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline which now stands at $3.50.

Circle 76 and Shell are expected to soon follow suit as they usually do.

Fuel prices are falling in the wake of a plunge in crude oil prices which have dropped as low as $22 a barrel, a price not seen since 2002, according to the American Automobile Association.

Credit for the drop is due to the coronavirus which has caused airlines to cancel flights and forced many Americans to stay at home.

The average price per gallon stateside on Wednesday was $2.12 and 29 states had averages less than $2 a gallon, according to Triple-A.

This is the seventh change in the price of gasoline in 2020 and the sixth decrease in price.

The price per gallon at the start of the year on Guam was $4.15.

2020 Price Changes:

*January 1: $4.15

1. January 8:    10-cent increase to $4.25

2. January 23:  10-cent decrease to $4.15

3. February 3:  10-cent decrease to $4.05

4. March 3:      10-cent decrease to $3.95

5. March 10:    10-cent decrease to $3.85

  1. March 13:   15-cent decrease to $3.70
  1. March 25:   20-cent decrease to $3.50