Primary Great Debate Tonight


Guam – The primary Great Debates held by the University of Guam begin tonight (Thursday) at seven. PNC News will air the debates live in their entirety on Fox 6.

Today we caught up with University of Guam Endowment foundation Executive Director Mark Mendiola who explains to us why these debates are dubbed the great debates. “September 2nd this is it this is the primary great debates we’ve been planning this for a couple months already and we are excited about this great debates,” said Mendiola.

The Great Debate is a student project organized with the help of the University of Guam Endowment Foundation. It’s an opportunity for the community to have one last chance to hear what the candidates for the office of Governor and Lt. Governor have to say before heading to the polls on Saturday. “We’ve been running the debates for five general elections and that is why it’s called the great debates because this is the largest venue four thousand folks can come into this field house,” said Mendiola.

The teams of senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio will face off against Lt. Governor Mike Cruz and Senator Jim Espaldon. “The candidates will have a coin toss as to whose gonna speak first and then they have about a four minute opening both the gubenatorial teams will be able to do their presentation their four minute opening two minutes for the governor and two minutes for the lt. governor and then after that they’ll go into their slate of questions,” said Mendiola.

There will be six tracks of questions for a total of 12 to 18 questions. All the questions are being drafted by UOG students and they will deal with topics like the military buildup and land. The first candidate to speak will have 2 minutes to answer the question then followed by a one minute rebuttal. The Great debate will be moderated by Dr. Anita Borja Enriquez.

Mendiola says each candidate has reserved 1000 tickets so they are expecting to have somewhere around 3000 people in attendance. Again PNC news will have live coverage of the debate beginning tonight at 7pm on Fox 6 be sure to tune in you don’t wanna miss it its the UOG Primary Great Debates.