VIDEO: Principals and Teachers Learn About Common Core Standards


Guam – Principals and teacher leaders at the Department Of Education have been learning about the new Common Core State Standards this week.

The Common Core Standards were adopted by the Guam Education Board in February but will be phased in over a three-year period. The move unites Guam’s standards with 46 states and four other territories that have already adopted the Common Core. This weeks three-day training is led by a cadre of principals from DOE that have already received training on the program.

“It’s gonna change the way students are learning, its gonna change the way teachers are teaching,” Wettengel Elementary School Principal Melissa Lima said of the Common Core Standards. “Our hope is to get the students prepared so when they move from elementary to middle to high that they’ll be college and career ready.”

Limo is part of a cadre of principals already informed on the Common Core leading the training. The Common Core was presented to middle school faculty on Monday, high school Faculty today and will be presented to elementary school faculty tomorrow.

The focus this year will be on familiarizing teachers and principals on the Common Core Standards and how the standards will impact the classroom.