Prisoners Will be Getting 2 Dinner Meals Tonight


A confusion about DOC’s food vendor Li Quan Corporation’s sanitary permit led to the “mistake.”

Guam – Some 700 prisoners went from potentially having no dinner to now having two dinners tonight all because of a possible misunderstanding regarding the Department of Correction’s food vendor, Li Quan Corporation.


PNC had received word that Li Quan’s contract with DOC had been pulled because their sanitary permit had been suspended. But after PNC contacted Department of Public Health, which issues sanitary permits, and the General Services Agency, which handles the procurement for food vendors, the confusion was cleared up.

GSA was under the mistaken impression that because Li Quan’s permit with public health was suspended, it meant that it also affected their permit with DOC.

Public Health Director James Gillan clarified that Li Quan has a separate permit for DOC as the food vendor prepares DOC’s meals within the prison compound.

DOC Deputy Director Carla Borja tells PNC that because an emergency declaration had already been obtained authorizing another food vendor, Global Food Services, to serve dinner tonight, prisoners will now be getting two meals–one from GFS and another from the original vendor, Li Quan.