Private Citizen Concerned That Debt Reduction Commission Could Be Easily Politicized


Guam – The legislature heard testimony today on bill 22 authored by Senator Rory Respico. The measure would create a Guam deficit and debt reduction commission.



Ed Leon Guerrero of Able industries testified today in opposition to the bill in it’s current form because he’s worried that special interest groups would get to the commission. He believes a commission like this would have to be insulated from political influence. “Right now here on Guam there are 170 thousand special interests out there so unless you protect this vital legislation from political interference by special interests groups you might as well vote this bill down and in effect accomplish something saving the government the 100 thousand dollars in initial funding set aside to support this process,” said Leon Guerrero. He says this commission could be the turning point of the future of Guam. He recommends that the governor appoint business leaders, academic leaders, or people who have never been involved directly in the day to day operations of the government to bring a fresh perspective and real change in the way GovGuam does things.